January Daybook

Towards Living The Season. 

January is the season of new beginnings; while I always feel a small restart in September when the church and school year begin I also find that my personal goals really get their focus in January.  So I spent my day today unpacking from our trip, putting away the Christmas bells and whistles, nursing sick…well everyone except myself, and putting the final touches on a myriad list of goals and plans. Trust me, the list is soaring- the kind of list fit for The Year of The Journey because I am confident I will not see the end of it.

1.7.13 019

None the less I am venturing on, and revamping my daybook to better reflect new focuses.

Towards Thinking Deeply. 

“The teaching of the New Testament is not about how to be admitted to paradise – it is about how to become the kind of human who can actually live in paradise. Paradise is not a moral achievement – it is an ontological change.”

– Fr. Stephen Freeman (Glory to God For All Things- The Narrow Road)

1.7.13 023

The blog post quoted is over a month old now but this line still rattles in my mind. Partly because my mind is mush and it takes quite a while to process anything, much less new theological perspectives. But partly because I happened to be in the proper mood at reading to ask myself, “Am I the kind of human who could actually live in paradise?” Lord have mercy.

1.7.13 027

Towards Filling The Mind.

A new section. Because I joined the 5in5 Book Challenge, and will not be daunted by beginning 7 days late.  I strongly encourage you to do the same, mostly so that I’m not the only one to fall pitifully short of 25 books read this year😉  My categories are: 5 books translated from Russian, 5 books released in 2012, 5 classic Adventures, 5 Pulitzer winners in Poetry, and 5 books I cant resist.

I’m beginning with The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle, a classic adventure by any standards. And one that will provide me with many new phrases to exasperate my children with. I’m three chapters in and I’ve already made use of “I’ll beat you until your bones say amen.”

1.7.13 032

Towards Creating:

It’s a new year with Bloom, a new year to knit (and the year I will learn both entrelac and color work!!), and a new year to write.  I’m always busy creating, but Creating Beauty always felt so limiting. I give myself to a lot of causes and a lot of projects. Who knows what this year will bring.

1.7.13 029

Towards An Education.

Homeschooling is going to hit an all new level in 2013. Kindergarten in September!!! I’m in shock my oldest is nearing 5. I’m in even bigger shock that I’m going to start teaching him to read this week. Wish me luck. I have no idea what I’m doing.

1.7.13 017

 Towards Tending The Home.

This year is all about optimizing space in the most used areas of our home. The kitchen and the living room.  Our family grows and grows, and I want to have people over and also have room for said people to sit down. I love this house. I even love the size of this house. And it’s a good thing because we have no plans to move until at least 2019. But it does sometimes make a person get creative. Luckily I’m creative.

1.7.13 026

I’ve got blueprints for new shelves all written up, and another for a built in breakfast nook on the way.

About Courtney Clark

Me? I’m a Christian and a wife, and usually failing utterly in both positions. I’m a mother of three that has found that the best parenting philosophy is to read less books about parenting. I believe in the powers of prayer, positive thought, caffeine, and obscene amounts of chocolate.
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